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Just what are we about?

We help protect your works

With our patent pending process we monitor the internet looking for exact,similar and derivative matches of your work. We notify you with the owners information and possible actions you can take to enforce or assert a license, Making you more money.

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  • +2.3 Billion

    Images Uploaded to Internet Daily
  • +400 Hours

    Video Uploaded to the Internet every minute
  • 275 Billion

    Dollars Lost to Infringment yearly
  • 1 Solution

    DigitalCandy can help protect your works.

Services We Offer

Creative content and Product monitoring Images and Video, Custom visual search integration.

  • Product Search

    You provide us with images of your company’s products and if you like a list of authorized websites. We provide you with a monthly report of where those images are being used on the Internet and screenshots of the use. We manage the entire process for you.

  • Image Search

    Upload your images to our Alpha Platform for free.

    Images are tracked through the Internet and alert you when your images or derivative works are found.

    Licensure information can be placed into the system for auto licensing when the image is found on the Internet.

    [Auto Actions – re the automatic sending of demands for license, DMCA letters and or auto forwarding to third parties will be implemented soon]

    Do you have an image marketplace? Integrate with us using DigitalCandy’s API. Fees for integration start at $.01 cent per image on your system per month.

  • Video Search

    Our system can find exact matches,clips or frame matches to your videos and film catalogs across the Internet. Monthly reporting on where and who is using them.

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